Data Integration

Data Integration is the activity that leverages ETL (extract,transform,load) tools to bring data from multiple sources into a repository where it is further processed and readied for reporting and analysis.

Every business domain generates data through the deployment of tools that support a number of business functions. You may have adopted a CRM system to support your marketing and sales activities, an HR system to manage your workforce, and an accounting system to handle you billing and expenses. These systems excel at the the tasks they are implemented for and they have reporting abilities that provide visibility into the day to day performance of the function; analyzing performance cross-functionally requires bringing the data from these systems into a single place so that it can be molded to create a holistic view of results.

ETL tools like Informatica, SSIS, and others are used to pull data from different systems and organize it in a structure that is designed to be reported on and analyzed. The data can be located on a local server or on the cloud, with pros and cons for each option.